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Hair stylists have split ends and dandruff too...(our story)

Yes, even professional stylists, like us, have hair problems.

Tired of wasting money on ineffective and inferior products available on the market, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Drawing upon decades of our combined experience, we began testing new formulas to energize, revitalize and hydrate hair and scalp. We selected ingredients from the finest organic oils and herbs from around the world, and put them together in innovative combinations.

With time, it became clear which combinations worked best for what conditions, and on which types of hair. The more we experimented on ourselves, the more striking the results became: no matter what the specifics of hair, our products  restored smoothness and built up strength and fabulous shine.

Finally, in 2018, we began to share our discoveries with a select group of private clients. Their feedback was overwhelmingly positive and reflected our own early success. Those with hard-to-treat issues reported repaired hair and scalp that was stronger and healthier than ever. Others reported enhanced elasticity and manageability, or simply found that their hair was stronger and fuller. Only then, after more successful testing, did we decide that it was time to share our products with the general public, and so Core Radiance was born and has been filling important gaps in hair care ever since.

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